easy cupcake designs

Many people imagine that makes it difficult and expensive cupcake, because the need to have a cupcake mold. Actually it is less precise shadow. Sure makes it necessary cupcake particular expertise, but also not much more difficult than making other types of cake. Cupcake cupcake batter is poured in cases that can be bought in stores supplies cake, and then baked in the oven. Remove from oven, and, you cupcake, are ready.

cupcake designcupcake designcupcake designcupcake design

Is that it? Of course not. expertise and training needed to decorate cupcakes. Cupcake decoration can by using buttercream or fondant or icing sugar. Well, if we talk about mold, which can then be printed to produce funny shapes for decoration is fondant. If we are tough little flowers, letters, small animals, and other funny shapes on top of cupcake, it is the result of mold fondant.

cupcake design