Cup Cakes

cup cakes

What are the similarities and differences "Cup Cakes" and "Cupcakes"? The similarities are both use the same dough. The difference being Cup Cake is a type of cake that uses a material that is measured with a glass cup or glass measure, while Cupcake is the Cup Cake miniature placed in the pan, smaller than a muffin pan. Historically, when the practitioners are not familiar with a variety of culinary baking muffins, as now, the dough cake is often baked in cups for coffee and tea cups are made of ceramics, because that then made the cake batter in the container cup is known as Cupcake.

In modern times, Cupcakes are often served in celebration of the feast, like a child's birthday party, even wedding party. The brides are ordering a lot of wedding cake in the form of beautiful cupcakes be nested. Cupcakes are very flexible for decorated. Cupcakes are cute, but delicious; Cupcakes are very impressive when used as a gift in goody bags at various celebrations.