wedding cupcake designs

cupcake design

This new trend lately for the wedding cake is a cupcake wedding. there are the advantages wedding cupcake when compared with the wedding cake or traditional wedding cake.

cupcake designcupcake design

There are three obvious reasons why cup cake wedding began much in demand by prospective brides for their wedding decoration.

The first reason is the trend. No one can deny that the cupcakes are the latest trend of the cake. Thus, using cupcake wedding, bridal shows that they are the ones who follow the development of the era.

cupcake designcupcake designcupcake designcupcake design

The second reason is the side of practicality. It must be admitted that in the production process, making it more practical cupcake. If there is something wrong, just discard the wrong cupcake, not to replace the entire cake. In fact, the problem of delivery to the wedding location is also more easily. For that reason, it could be cheaper wedding cupcake.

cupcake designcupcake design

The third reason is the diversity. If using a wedding cake unusual wedding, the cake that is available is just one flavor only. For the wedding cup cakes, cookies are used for the cupcakes can be varied, so it can serve everyone's tastes.

cupcake designcupcake designcupcake designcupcake design

Even by reading the three reasons above, we can conclude that the cupcakes for the wedding is tempting. And obviously, there are many other reasons why Wedding cupcakes can be better than the usual wedding cake.

cupcake designcupcake designcupcake design


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Hi, I just wanted to let you know there is a page on Facebook that is using your images claiming them to be the cupcakes she made... I know better....

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the page name is Hotpink's cupcakes and more!!!!

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