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cup cakes

Nowadays of course everyone knows Cup cakes. Cupcake is cake or small cakes in a variety of coated paper bowl with a tempting variety of ornaments. Cupcake is not better known as sponge cakes are made from butter, sugar, eggs, and flour, which is then given topping with different variations and forms ranging from made from Butter Cream, Whipped Cream, Frosting, Cooking Chocolate, Fondant and more.
cup cakescup cakescup cakescup cakes

American Cupcakes supposedly evolved in the 19th century, so called because the materials commonly used in measuring the size of the "CUP", not weighed as well as today. Furthermore, this tradition evolved into a habit, and cupcakes are often referred to as “number cake" because its ingredients is very easy to be remembered. It is using the comparison of certain figures in the dough like a bowl of butter with 2 cups sugar and 3 cups flour And so on. Then people were starting to make a cupcake molds made in tin containers called "Muffin Tins" and the popular 20th century.
cup cakescup cakescup cakescup cakes

Cupcakes Developments are not just a name change but also variation of raw material composition, size, shape, topping, and purpose of usage. People think about the shape, taste, and ornaments, as well as practicality - no longer cut up a big cake as the cake in a variety of parties.