merry christmas, cupcakes!

we wish you a very merry christmas, cupcakes! ^_^

thanksgiving cupcake ideas? of course, the turkey cupcakes

thanksgiving cupcakes thanksgiving cupcakes
Well, if you are truly cupcakes lover , you've already visited this cupcakes blog.Cupcakes are always in season. And holiday dinners are best followed by festive sweet treats. Cupcakes are a convenient way to serve dessert when you have a large crowd to entertain, and It's not too soon to start preparing to celebrate, say for Thanksgiving.
thanksgiving cupcakes thanksgiving cupcakes
For those who appreciate the best cupcake recipes, make this Thanksgiving the best one ever. We love cooking and baking for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Looking for some adorable baking ideas for Thanksgiving? If you are planning a Thanksgiving Party this year, then you need to Turn an ordinary cupcake into a Thanksgiving extravaganza and consider baking thanksgiving turkey Cupcakes. Thanksgiving is a time for traditional foods, but there's no reason you can't celebrate with cupcakes and delicious Super colorful and easy to decorate Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving, and cupcakes will make you the hit of the holiday season.

thanksgiving cupcakes thanksgiving cupcakes
Easy Thanksgiving cupcake decorations combine creativity and simple symbols for amusing themed desserts and It is going to be the ultimate Thanksgiving cupcake. yes, in other words, Thanksgiving cupcakes are simple symbols for amusing themed desserts, and are a great choice for parties. happy thanksgiving !

Jack-O-Lantern cupcake pan and stencils for your Halloween

Your Halloween party isn't complete without cupcakes. While pumpkins fit perfectly into Halloween just as they are, Jack-O-Lantern cupcake will make quite a statement at your Halloween and have an even more perfect fit with the jack o lantern cupcake pan. You can carve out fun mini Jack O Lantern cupcake using this mold to form a Halloween  cake even if you have never decorated a cake before and you could make the cute Jack-o-lantern cupcakes too.

Jack-O-Lantern cupcake pan
Jack-O-Lantern cupcake pan

but if Want to make cookies with your own jack o' lantern faces, you can try using a stencil,The fast easy way to make cakes look spectacular! Stencils can be used to create elaborate murals, colorful clothing and decorative cupcakes. Simply place on your iced cake top and shake on...

Using stencils is a pretty easy way to decorate, Just lay the stencil on top of your treat and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle...

Jack-O-Lantern cupcake pan stencil
Jack-O-Lantern cupcake pan and stencil

I've gathered some of the best free Halloween cupcake design ideas on this blog and maybe if you are the fondant experts or get interested in advanced cupcake decorating, it's your challenge!
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

happy halloween cupcakes!
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes

cupcakes for wedding celebration

Generally in the presentation, gorgeous cupcakes are arranged in stages. Seeing a flexible shape to be decorated, cupcakes are also often used as souvenirs in various celebrations. This little cake is also a business opportunity for the bakery industry, especially the smaller home or online through social networking. Making cupcakes as wedding cake certainly make things different, and even make your special day to be more unique. It is nice to add your favorite cake at the wedding. Cupcakes can also go to any wedding theme both casual and formal.
wedding cupcakewedding cupcakewedding cupcake
Today, many available molds used to make cupcakes. Like the muffin pan, heat resistant cups, aluminum trays, and also silicone molds. In addition to light and heat resistant, cast from silicone material is easier to use, because it is easily removed by pulling the edges just a little. Cupcakes have cake ingredients, and then demanded to choose the kind of cake that can be customized with decorations on it. Notice of the flavor and density of the cake, so that it can sustain the cake decorations, such as 3D ornaments are generally rather heavy.

To decorate cupcakes can be displayed according to the celebrated moments. Not just a touch of creativity, cupcakes look beautiful with a layer of butter cream decorated (buttercream), fondant, or marzipan. Besides decoration, cupcakes containers often called cupcake wrappers are now no longer ordinary. Their motives are diverse and can be selected according to the theme. Most designs are made cupcakes decoration is a cartoon character for a child's birthday. There are also flowers for a variety of events, such as seminars and meetings even weeding.
wedding cupcake wedding cupcake wedding cupcake wedding cupcake For a wedding, cake is often a crucial and sometimes makes enough hassles in your selection. Even so, some of the benefits you can also be a present at the wedding cupcakes instead of wedding cake plain.

First, the required number of cupcakes can be adjusted with the desire. Second, wedding cake cupcakes is new and very easy to be conditioned in some themes. You can decorate the cupcakes with the theme of the same or different. Even you can bring festive color to your cupcakes. Besides the unique appearance, also many variations of wedding cupcakes flavor to choose from. You can choose strawberry, chocolate, carrot, coconut and many more. Other alternatives that can be selected are mocha, milk chocolate vanilla and blueberry.
wedding cupcake wedding cupcake wedding cupcake

Wedding Cupcake Decorations, well, the variation is also diverse. If you are really good at making cakes, then you can start by choosing a theme which would you choose, and then plan the decor with sugar dough. You can use whipped cream icing or butter cream icing. There are many others to choose from, so start with a few alternatives and select the one you like the most. You can also add accessories sweetener made of candy, roses or chocolate. Sugar and glitters can also be used so as to make wedding cupcakes look shiny. There are many other woods hundreds of creative ideas for decorating wedding cupcakes and make it very special and unique. As well as regular wedding cake, wedding cupcakes display can be very beautiful and looks special. Nowadays there are even electric stand sold and have a variety of bright colors. Or you have not been able to find a suitable stand so make your own stand, be creative.

Now that you have selected the wedding cupcakes on your special day, when making their own wedding cupcakes too busy then you can ask a cake decorator or may order a cake shop that used to be your favorite. Currently pastry shops that used to sell wedding cake wedding cupcakes also began offering an alternative for those who want something new. The theme and design of course you can choose and set yourself.

Baking Cupcakes tips: fresh is best

you can freeze Undecorated cupcakes up to 3 months, but the best cupcakes taste is on the day they are finished to bake. baking cupcakesbaking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes tips: bake cupcakes only one pan at a time

baking cupcakes for best result, bake cupcakes only one pan at a time. switch cupcake pans on halfway through the baking time if you have to bake 2 pans of cupcakes in very limited time. switch their places, up rack to down rack and vice versa.

Baking Cupcakes tips: make sure they are well-baked

make some additional cooking time by place them back in the oven if your cupcakes aren't finished cooking after the minimum time. when a cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean, then your Cupcakes are ready to the next step of decorating.baking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes tips: use your best tools

baking cupcakes usually you can have 20-24 cupcakes from an 8 inch layer cake Batter. make sure you have mixed the batter well using your favorite cake batter to make cupcakes, 1/2 to 2/3 full filling in cupcake liners is the best formula. Bake them approximately 20 minutes, and use a toothpick into center of the cupcakes to check.

Baking Cupcakes tips: set the proper temperature

baking cupcakes the proper temperature is needed in Baking your cupcakes. get your oven settled to the correct temperature, then you can put your cupcakes in the oven. the right temperature can be measured with oven thermometer which is the best idea for this. rotate your cupcake pan once in the middle of the baking time if your oven can't provide heat evenly.

Baking Cupcakes tips: room temperature-condition ingredients

baking cupcakes do not mix anything directly from your freezer, make all ingredients are in the room temperature condition, then you can proceed mixing your cupcake batter and you will get all ingredients mixed evenly, a nice moist cupcake batter is what you will get. mixing cold items into your batter is making a worse lumpy batter, then you will overmix your batter.

Baking Cupcakes tips: don't overmix batter

mix your batter moderately. do not over-mix it because you will get chewy cupcakes instead of perfectly moist ones. best option is Following the cupcake recipe directions. If you are using a stand mixer while your recipe asked for a hand mixer, reduce your mixing time. hand mixers mix batters slower than Stand mixers. get more advices for adjusting mixing time from your seniors. baking cupcakesbaking cupcakesbaking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes tips: Make them easy to pick from pans

Make your cupcakes easy to remove from cupcake pans. a nonstick spray will works on paper, foil wrappers or individual wells. wrappers or nonstick spray work fine in the new silicone pans.
baking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes tips: pick the suitable cupcake pan

pick the most suitable cupcake pan. shiny and heavy cupcake pans are great. you will get 6 to 12 cupcakes at one-time baking. be careful, huge muffin pans make no good in your cute little cupcakes. 2 pans ensure you to have perfect time in baking your cupcakes. having two of 12well cupcake pans would be great for one recipe of cupcakes.
baking cupcakes

Baking Cupcakes tips: fill cupcake wells 1/2 to 2/3 full

beautiful cupcake is what we get when we put 1/2 to 2/3 full of Filling the cupcake wells.
baking cupcakesbaking cupcakesbaking cupcakes

if you insist to put more, then you will have a messy day with over floating cupcakes. but If we put less than 1/2, a wimpy cupcake is what we will get, and you will put more frosting just to make them in standard visual.

White russian cupcake

white russian cupcake

We have been watching too many cupcake shows on TV and actually we'd be happy just hearing about Russia's version of the cupcake. these 'Best Cupcakes Made with Alcohol' are a delightful adult cupcake. These cupcakes have become quite the fan favorite with friends and family. They are so delicious which I thought sounded the best of all the ones I viewed. visit here for more information and the recipe! by the way, this recipe is from

Prep: 35 mins
Cook: 18 mins
for 24 cupcakes

white russian cupcakewhite russian cupcake
For the cupcakes:

350g flour
8 tbsp. vanilla instant pudding mix
1 tbsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. bicarbonate of soda
½ tsp. salt
5 whole eggs
2 tsp. vanilla essence
250ml milk
60ml single cream
165g unsalted butter
300g caster sugar
90g sour cream
2 tbsp. mayonnaise
30ml coffee liqueur
1 tbsp. mocha paste

For garnish:

Small chocolate pearls
Chocolate cigarettes
Gold dust

For the irish buttercream:

2kg unsalted butter, softened
250g high ratio shortening
1kg icing sugar, sifted
60ml vanilla essence
30ml lemon essence
1 tbsp. mocha paste
60ml cherry liqueur
60ml Irish liqueur
45ml coffee liqueur
15ml vodka

For the irish cream filling:

250ml double cream
125ml Irish liqueur

white russian cupcakewhite russian cupcake For the cupcakes:

1) Prepare a cupcake tin with 24 cupcake liners and Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C/Gas mark 2.

2) Combine the flour, pudding mix, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and salt in 1 medium bowl. Crack the eggs into a second bowl and add the vanilla extract. Measure the milk and cream into a third bowl. In a 5-quart mixer with a paddle attachment, cream the butter until fluffy. Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides with a spatula. Turn the mixer on first speed, add the sugar, and mix until fluffy. Add the eggs 1 at a time. Scrape down the bowl. Add the sour cream and mayonnaise and incorporate completely. Scrape down the bowl.

3) Add the dry ingredients, alternating with the wet. You will start and end with the dry ingredients. Mix the coffee liqueur and mocha paste into the batter until smooth and no lumps are present.

4) Using a 60ml ice cream scoop, place one scoop of batter into the cupcake liners. Bake for 18 minutes. Insert a skewer into the cupcake, if it comes out clean they are ready to be removed from the oven. Let cool for 20 minutes.

For the irish cream filling:

In a 5-quart mixer with the paddle attachment, add the heavy cream and whip to full volume. Add the Irish liqueur and, on first speed, fold in the liqueur until completely incorporated.

For the irish buttercream:

In a 5-quart mixer with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and shortening together. On first speed, add the sifted icing sugar to the bowl in 3 parts. Let each part incorporate into the butter mixture before adding the next. After adding all the sugar, put the mixer on the fourth (highest) speed and mix for 8 to 10 minutes. The buttercream will begin to gain volume and look white and fluffy. Once you bring the buttercream to full volume, add the extracts and the mocha paste. Lastly, add the liqueurs and vodka and incorporate completely.

Cook's Note: The longer you let it mix, the more volume you will have. If the buttercream is airy and shows a lot of holes, add a small amount of warm water and mix well.
white russian cupcake
To assemble:

1) Scoop out the center of the cooled cupcakes with a melon baller. Fill a piping bag with irish cream filling and cut a small hole at the end of the bag to allow the filling to be piped into the hollowed out center of cupcake. Fill all the cupcakes with about 15ml of filling.

2) Place a round tip # 809 into a large piping bag. Fill the piping bag with irish buttercream. Generously pipe about 30ml buttercream onto each cupcake. Garnish each cupcake with 4 or 5 small chocolate pearls and a chocolate cigarette. Mix equal parts gold dust with vodka to make an edible gold paint. Using a small round brush, paint the ends of the chocolate cigarettes. The edible paint will dry leaving behind the gold dust.

cupcakes i got from birthday party

Birthdays are important, we can get together with family, relatives, and our friends at a birthday celebration. Birthday party with Cupcakes is a very good idea to liven up a birthday party for children with Cupcakes. In a birthday party for children and gather with family is something very enjoyable. As a good parent does not hurt having a birthday party that is less attractive. As a parent we would not want to get confused in looking for a gift or a birthday package to celebrate a birthday. Cupcakes are a familiar product among children and adults and much loved by many, so the package itself is the perfect birthday.

The following is a photo of the cupcakes that I got from a sweet seventeen party. These photographs may not be in very good resolution, but you can see how pretty the garden theme cupcakes which are served in these pictures. Hopefully they become your inspiration to bake more and more gorgeous cupcakes.

filling cupcake

filling cupcake

 baking cupcakes is always challenging, but decorating them is everafter fun

wondering how to fill your cute cupcakes? 

all you have to do is following this picture and...

 ..voila,.. your cupcake will filled with your favorite filling and covered with your favorite flavor cream topping. 

try 9 cupcakes filled in this way, then serve 8 cupcakes to your family, 

the last one is yours,.. enjoy ^_^

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