the new diamond for your valentine, CupCakes!

Valentine is always identical with the symbols of love. A modern symbol of Valentine's present to accompany tradition that continues to be celebrated today. The symbols form a heart-shaped cards and winged cupid picture. These symbols begin to bloom known in the 19th century. Celebration of the tradition of using this card is the second largest after the tradition of Christmas celebration.

The tradition of exchanging cards a la the United States extends society since the 20th century. Giving various symbols of Valentine's become a tradition for the people. Slowly and surely, giving this Valentine symbols changed to a diamond. Diamond gift began to popular at that time.

Still according to the tradition in the United States, couples dating on Valentine can have a pretty serious relationship. The things that can be spoken at the time of Valentine is affection owned by a man to his girlfriend, or vice versa.

Unlike the United States, in contrast also with other countries. In Japan and Taiwan, for example. Both countries celebrate Valentine's Day with a unique tradition. In Japan, which is obligated to give chocolates are women. The women had to provide a lot of chocolate to share with her male friends, good friends and special friends.

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