How To Decorate Cupcake with butter cream

Cupcake appearance will be more interesting if we add a decorating / ornament on top. Basically cupcake can be decorated by using the two media, butter cream (or can also use the ganache) and fondant / plastic icing. Here will be explained how to decorate cupcakes with both media.


Decorate cupcakes with butter cream:

There are lots of butter cream recipe that we can get on the internet and cookbooks are sold freely. But if we do not want the hassle we could buy butter cream that has become a typically are sold at the grocery store cake around us.
Equipment needed:
- A triangular piece of plastic
- Syringes
- Pallet knife to spread butter cream smoothed

How to decorate cupcakes:
1. Flatten the surface of the cupcake (can be cut with a knife)
2. Spread with buttercream
3. Enter the butter cream into a plastic triangle.
4. Insert the syringe to be used into the plastic triangle which has been perforated edges.
5. Insert the plastic triangle that contains buttercream and have perforated edges into a triangle that has been fitted with a plastic syringe.
6. Begin to decorate.

any form of syringe will result in a different form of decoration. Reference to the decor by using different types of syringes can be seen here on page creative cupcake designs.