Blackberry Cupcake for good Black Friday

What's so special about black Friday? Of course all about the dinner! on a previous post I already discussed the cupcake decorations for Thanksgiving. and this time the theme is of course, blackberry cupcake for your black Friday joy.

blackberry cupcakesBlackberry fruit as one of the berry family members are also very useful for maintaining beauty. Blackberry contains polyphenols and anthocyanins are good to prevent skin cell damage due to free radicals. In addition, the blackberries are also rich in vitamin E are good for the skin, while vitamin C will boost the immune system. Forms such as blackberry wine, but with a small fruit and clustered. While still raw, blackberries was green, but when fully ripe, blackberry purple-black in color. Blackberry is one of the benefits keep skin young and firm. Therefore, blackberries keep skin cells from free radical damage, pollution and dirt.

blackberry cupcakesblackberry cupcakesblackberry cupcakes

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laptop cupcakes

Blackberry Cupcake
85 grams butter, room temperature
180 grams of caster sugar
Eggs 2 eggs, beaten off, the temperature of the room (or can use 3 eggs White eggs)
140 grams all-purpose flour
1 tsp Baking powder
1 / 4 tsp Baking soda
1 / 4 tsp salt
40 ml milk, room temperature
3 tablespoons blackberry puree **
1 tsp lemon water

Here's how:
** To make blackberry puree, we need about 150-200 grams of fruit BlackBerrry, then puree (Blender) and filtered. Set aside to use to mix the dough in the cake and buttercream.

1. Preheat oven 180 ° C
2. Mix and sift: flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
3. Mix and stir well: Milk, Water lemon and blackberry puree. Set aside.
3. Beat using a mixer, Butter and sugar until light and fluffy, then enter the egg, beat until smooth and continue to expand.
4. Lower the mixer speed. Enter flour mixture and milk, gradually enter, in the end with the inclusion of the flour mixture. Stir briefly (Do not Over mix).
5. Insert the dough into a baking dish that has been on the pad of paper Cupcake. Bake about 20 minutes (test sticks). Remove from heat. Cool.

1. This batter for 10-12 cupcakes.
2. To fill out the dough into a baking pan or cupcake paper preferably 3/4, because the dough will expand.
3. Deliberately here, I fill about 1 / 2 cup batter in, because it looks full.
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Blackberry Buttercream

200 grams of castor sugar (or use the Sugar Flour)
170 grams butter, room temperature
50 grams Shortening, room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla
2-3 tablespoons milk, at room temperature
1-2 tablespoons blackberry puree

Here's how:
1. Beat at high speed using a mixer, Butter, shortening and vanilla until smooth, then enter the sugar, beating well continue until the sugar dissolves and well blended.
2. Enter gradually, vanilla, milk and blackberry puree, until well blended. Turn off mixer. Buttercream Cupcake ready for decoration.

1. Apart from blackberry fruit could use other berries fruit.
2. Choose the correct blackberry fruit - really black, as the name of the black blackberry taste very sweet.