Surprise your loved ones with heart-shaped cupcakes

On Valentine's Day we could use a phrase other than "Say it with Flowers", which is precisely "Say it with cupcakes". On Valentine's Day, you can put a bunch of mini chocolate cupcakes, instead of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. A heart-shaped cupcake decorated with soft cream will add a romantic atmosphere like what is being felt by you and your loved one.  Gorgeous moments of love in the special day are so beautifully embodied by these heart-shaped cupcakes.

There are two methods in making heart shaped cupcakes. First, you can buy heart-shaped muffin pans and you will instantly get the shape and have them ready for decoration.
heart shaped cupcake heart shaped cupcake heart shaped cupcake
Second, you can put marbles inside the regular cupcake pans, just outside the cupcake paper. With this method you will get nearly heart-shaped cupcakes. If you think that the result is like more apple shape or anything else, believe me, it is enough to give your creativity a wide space to explore.

heart shaped cupcake heart shaped cupcake heart shaped cupcake

Did you know? The word love is also associated with profound human feelings to someone. However, do you know the origin of the symbol of love or the love that created? So, heart-shaped symbol, where did it come from?

1. 3000 Years BC. Heart shape believed to exist in the year 3000 BC came from ivy leaf shapes that are often used by the people of Greece and Rome as ceramic ornaments and vessels. The creeping tendrils of ivy plant considered to symbolize passion. Ivy leaves are also placed on the tombstone As with signs of eternal love even death separates.

2. 631 Years BC. The Greeks are facing drought and population explosion so in 631 BC, they were looking for a new city. They eventually established Kierene city located north tip of Africa. There they found the seeds of Silphium were ultimately used for contraception. Kinere Silphium seeds were made into a symbol and a heart-shaped coin.

3. 384 Years BC. Philosophers of the classical era were also found on the heart symbol and its meaning (384-322 BC). Aristotle included in the three most influential philosophers in Western thought that the heart is the center of thought and emotion. In fact, sometimes the heart is stronger than the effect of the brain as nerve system. Thus, the heart is appropriate as center of soul and emotion.

 4. Year 1304 - 1306
With the development of science in 1304 - 1306, an artist named Giotto created a masterpiece Cappella degli Scrovegni. The paintings tell the story of a philanthropist who hold human heart and give it to heaven. Giotto painting was considered so sacred and symbolizes the true love of God.

5. Years 1304 to 1306. Furthermore, in 1489-1500, a painting of genius Leonardo da Vinci depicts early illustration of heart shape. Note, the illustration is like a combination of a heart on the previous symbol and the real shape of the heart. Image courtesy of Da Vinci was also seen most detailed and most resembles the shape of a heart. And, like the Roman public trust, the heart is the seat of the soul and emotion.